A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka tweeted a photo of herself holding a glass of water that had lost 20 pounds since last December.

Ivanka tweeted, “The glass is back to its original size and looks great.

I have some new healthy treats that are on my shelf!”

But the image went viral on social media.

“I hope the water tastes good.

I love water,” Ivanka tweeted.

“Its a great drink.

We need more healthy choices in the U.S.!”

The glass has been seen by many as an example of the president’s dedication to reducing obesity.

But this tweet has been widely viewed as a reference to the president not eating enough calories during his first 100 days in office, as reported by CNN.

And on Tuesday, a Twitter user who goes by @peter_jones tweeted that the tweet was an “explanation” of why the glass is gone.

On Tuesday morning, President Trump weighed in on the story, telling ABC News, “We will never lose weight.

The glass is still there.

It’s a beautiful glass.”

But many are questioning whether the tweet is the right one.

“The tweet is clearly an attempt to explain away the loss of the glass.

The loss of water is the loss,” tweeted @tara_louis, an attorney and writer.

“It is clearly a way to justify the loss.

And it does not change the fact that the glass has not changed size or shape in 100 days.

The answer to the question is ‘no.'”

The glass on Ivanka’s shelves has also been replaced by an avocado, which is healthier and more nutritious.

The avocado has been in a jar for almost two years, but has been a staple on the shelves of Trump’s White House.

The Trump administration also announced last week that the president had lost a record $7 billion in the first half of 2017.

“President Trump has lost an estimated $8.7 billion since January 21, 2017, according to a new report from the Office of Management and Budget,” said a statement from the White House on Monday.

“This is the second-largest single-year loss in U.s. federal government debt since the beginning of the Great Recession.

The President’s 2017 loss represents the first time in the modern history of U. s. federal debt that it has been larger than the average annual loss during the Obama administration.

The total amount of debt that President Trump has taken on is greater than the combined assets of the five largest public pension funds, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Education, the Veterans Administration, and the National Institutes of Health.”