The best way to lose fat is to eat a lot of low-calorie food, a new study has revealed.

The researchers from the University of Utah, Brigham Young University and the University, Cardiff, used data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to compare how obese people eat compared with the rest of the population.

They found that obese people ate fewer calories and less fat in general than the rest, and that this was linked to their weight loss.

They said:”We found that the best way for obese people to lose a substantial amount of body fat is through eating less calories and reducing their fat intake.”

What does this mean?

The scientists said that for most obese people, eating less and eating more would mean more fat loss.

But for some people, such as those with obesity, the best option would be to reduce their caloric intake and restrict their exercise.

“Our findings show that obese individuals who limit their exercise and consume less calories than the general population tend to lose more weight than those who are more active,” said Dr David Hirsch, one of the study’s authors and a professor in the University’s Department of Medicine.

“This means that restricting calories and exercising in addition to eating less is the best strategy for obese individuals.”

How does weight loss occur?

Dr Hirsch said that fat loss is often caused by different processes.

“For some people it’s a loss of fat mass, for others it’s loss of adipose tissue, and for others a loss in fat cells,” he said.

“The same process can be used for both fat loss and weight loss, so the most effective strategies are both effective and sustainable.”

Dr Hinkins said that the key is to focus on a specific part of the body, such a the gut.

“It’s important to understand how to reduce the size of the gut and reduce the fat in the body,” he explained.

“You can’t just increase your calorie intake, you have to take the nutrients from your diet and the body needs them to maintain the balance.”

What can obese people do?

If you or anyone you know is interested in weight loss or losing weight, you can:Dr Hiskins said you can take action to help yourself lose weight.

“We think there’s a lot that we can do together to make weight loss a possibility for people of all sizes,” he added.

“Take action now by eating fewer calories.

Take a look at the foods you eat.

And if you’re struggling with weight, talk to your doctor or dietitian.”