A man in Florida lost nearly 40 pounds with just the right amount of exercise, according to a new study.

James Hogg, a physical therapist at a local clinic, said his patients who were overweight at one point in their lives started to gain weight and eventually started to die from cardiovascular diseases.

“That’s when the problem with weight management became apparent,” he said.

The study, published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine, looked at data from more than 100,000 adults who were diagnosed with a chronic disease and followed for four years.

Hogg and his colleagues found that the risk of death was lower in the overweight group.

They also found that patients who lost more than 30 pounds lost about 20 percent of their body weight.

The researchers, however, didn’t find any link between weight loss and other health problems.

Hogg’s study was part of a broader study in which researchers followed nearly 1 million people for more than a decade.

They followed the participants from ages 20 to 82 and also analyzed their medical records.