BY JOHN COOKSTEIN Associated Press PEDRO GRONK lost nearly 10 pounds (6 kilograms) and has lost about half his hair since March, and his wife thinks he is more relaxed about losing weight.PETE GRONKS LOSS: “I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, and my hair is coming back on,” said Pete Gronk, 62, of Pueblo, Colorado.

“It’s great.

It’s a good thing for my wife, for me.”GRONKS: “We had a bad time last year, so we decided we would get healthier and have more fun,” he said.

“This year I’ve had a lot of time to think about my health.

It is really good.”GROSCO, Colo.

(AP) Pete Grouts loss is not just the result of bad diet, but of a bad mindset.

He says his wife and son have lost weight.

He thinks losing weight is a good idea for everyone.

He has also gotten rid of a lot more hair.

“We had hair that was too long and a lot hung down, so I cut off all my hair and my wife and I have all the rest,” Gronsky said.

He now wears a wig to make it easier to shave.

The Gronskins, a retired airline pilot, said his wife has not had a hair loss since March.

He said he also has lost weight and looks better.

He is now 62.

Gronsky’s wife, Kathleen, said the weight loss has not been as dramatic as the loss of weight, but the difference has been dramatic.

“He’s more confident and he feels better,” Kathleen Gronsko said.

The couple is expecting a daughter in October.

The weight loss was not Gronski’s first.

He had lost about 6 to 8 pounds a year ago.

He used to eat a lot.

He was a good eater, but his cholesterol was high.

“I had some trouble with cholesterol.

I had a heart attack once,” Grnosky said of the heart attack.”

But the loss was so large that he was hospitalized twice last year.”

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and I’ve never had any problems with my cholesterol,” Gronks said.

But the loss was so large that he was hospitalized twice last year.

He also had to quit his job because of his weight.”

I think it’s all in his mind.””

They are the ones who have been saying, ‘Why is Pete Grasses weight loss going on?’

I think it’s all in his mind.”

Gronski said he would like to do something to keep his health in check.

“There’s nothing wrong with a person who wants to lose weight and to be healthy,” he told the Associated Press.

“People who lose weight will have a lot better luck,” he continued.

“But I’m glad I did it.”

The Associated Press’ Emily Yoffe contributed to this report.