On the eve of the Tour de France, BMC is taking a hard look at its nutritional plan, with an ambitious plan to lose 20 kg (45 lbs) by the end of the season and maintain fitness throughout the year.

While the Tour has a lot of hype, there is a lot to be said for being a little less than a week away from the big race. 

A recent analysis of BMC’s training program by Sports Illustrated concluded that the team is not only working hard on their nutrition but also trying to ensure that it is not too heavy. 

BMC has not only increased its strength training but also added a ton of other strength-related exercises. 

In the team’s first official strength training session, BMC’s nutritionist, Tom Van Der Ploeg, gave us a look at what he had learned during his two-week-long visit to the team last year. 

He revealed that the peloton has a very strict diet, consisting of a minimum of one-third of its normal calories being from carbohydrates and one-fifth from protein. 

“It’s not a huge amount but we are trying to keep the calories down as much as possible, even if it means a bit of loss of muscle mass,” Van Der Pelt said. 

During his two weeks, BMC has taken on a much more ambitious diet plan and is trying to make sure it can stay on track with the Tour and beyond.

“It might be a little bit too ambitious, but we need to stick to that.

It is the Tour, so we need as many weeks as possible for recovery,” he said.

In his first session, Van Der Penn showed us the first-ever workout he had done for the Tour.

He did a variety of strength exercises including bench press, deadlift, and leg press. 

On the day of his session, he told us he wanted to focus on the legs because of the increased intensity of the training. 

The workout consisted of 20 minutes of rest and then the team went to a gym where they practiced squats and bench presses. 

While there, the team was also asked to do a series of sprints, running and jumping jacks to get the body into shape. 

When the team left the gym, Van der Penn told us that they were not quite ready to get into the race yet. 

There were several training sessions in the morning that were geared towards getting ready for the race.

Van Der Pesants first session was a heavy squat and leg workout. 

As the team got ready for a start, they also got a few hours of recovery before going to the gym. 

Van der Penn said he felt that his legs were very strong during the workout, but it was only at the end that he felt strong enough to start the race for the first time. 

That was the day that the rest of the team came together to start training and that’s when Van der Pesants legs felt really strong. 

After getting a good workout in the gym and working on the squat and a few jumping jacking drills, the rest was spent on the sprints and running drills. 

At the end, Van den Pesants feet felt really tight, but the rest is spent on other strengthening exercises.