The Reddit community has been struggling with weight gain and losing weight.

The subreddit lost almost 500 pounds this year, according to the Daily Dot.

But its still losing weight, and Reddit’s CEO Yishan Wong has been trying to convince the community to stick around.

He wants them to stay in the subreddit, but only if they’re not too active.

Wong, however, wants Reddit to focus on the more positive aspects of Reddit.

“Our community, our community is all about sharing, sharing with others, sharing stories, sharing information, and we want to help our community to have a sense of belonging,” Wong said.

“So when we start seeing people going on the subreddit and having conversations and they’re sharing with each other, that’s when it really starts to pay off.”

Reddit has been criticized for not making the subreddit more welcoming to people with health concerns.

When Reddit’s admins announced they were ending the AMA system, Wong said it was an “act of love” and the community was “going to thrive.”

“We were all very excited about the AMA because it meant that we would have more control over our subreddit, more power, more control in the way that we have the ability to moderate and to edit,” Wong told BuzzFeed News.

“The AMA system is something that we really wanted to have in place for some time and it’s something that the community has really embraced.”

Wong said the community will have a place on Reddit for at least the next three months, though the subreddit will continue to be under the control of the administrators.

Wong said he hopes that Reddit will focus on what Redditers love to do: talking about stuff.

“I really want to make sure that we don’t lose the Reddit community for all of its amazing things and then for them to get sucked into something where we’ve lost the community,” Wong added.

“We have to create that place where the community can still feel that community and feel like they are part of that community.

And if they can, we’ll be there to help them and make sure they are in a place where they feel they can stay.”