The next wave of skinny jeans may be coming to a city near you.

A new fashion trend is gaining traction that will soon see the popular “lean” style of jeans worn by some men, which has been around since the late 1970s.

The latest trend to hit the fashion scene is “lean denim,” in which men’s jeans are made with a thinner fabric that reduces their bulk and allows them to breathe more.

It’s a trend that’s been gaining traction in the fashion industry in recent years.

A man’s pants, by definition, are made from a stretchy fabric that helps absorb excess weight while helping a man to breathe and stretch out more, according to the brand called M&M.

“A lot of the men’s and women’s jeans have a stretch that’s around four or five inches.

The ‘lean jeans’ have a little extra, which is a lot of people’s favorite part,” says Robert Smith, founder and managing director of M&Ms, a brand that makes denim for men.

“They’re thin, they’re a little bit tighter, they have a very high level of stretch, and they have an overall thinner silhouette.

They’re not just ‘thin’ jeans.”

The new trend, which began with the popular Levi’s 501s, is gaining ground in the past year, says Smith.

“It’s gotten a lot more mainstream, and it’s not just jeans anymore,” says Smith, who’s seen the rise of the “lean jeans” phenomenon.

“There’s been a lot about that,” he says.

“The guys that were using the jeans on the runway, they wore the jeans a lot on the street.

They were like, ‘I want to wear the pants with this shirt.

This shirt has this nice color on it.'”

The popularity of “lean jean” is partly due to its simple design, Smith says.

The fabric is thinner than other types of denim, and the seams are smaller, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

The jeans are also lighter, but not as much as they used to be.

“People don’t wear jeans in a bunch of different colors.

They wear a pair of jeans that they’ve just been wearing, and then they look at their jeans and they say, ‘Oh, this one looks a little better,'” says Smith of the jeans’ popularity.

“We have a certain amount of attention paid to the silhouette of a man’s jeans, and that’s something that a lot men are missing out on, especially when it comes to this type of jeans.”

“They are thinner than others,” Smith adds.

“And because they are thinner, they don’t really have a high-end feel.”

Some of the characteristics of a “lean, slimmer” style include: A thicker fabric that allows for a greater degree of breathability.