How to Lose Weight in Five Minutes 1.

Squeeze out the fat on your abs and hips.2.

Lose the fat around your waist.3.

Lose your waistline.4.

Lose those skinny thighs.5.

Get rid of the excess skin.6.

Eat less food and exercise more.7.

Do more stretching and cardio.8.

Get a beard.9.

Get the tattoo.10.

Keep up with your gym schedule.11.

Lose fat and get fit.12.

Take on a new hobby or hobby that will make you feel awesome.13.

Go on a fitness trip.14.

Take a walk on the beach.15.

Get up and dance.16.

Go to the gym and lose weight.17.

Start a new job.18.

Go for a walk in the park.19.

Make your bed and sleep well.20.

Stop binge-watching TV and eat less.21.

Stop using drugs.22.

Take an hour to exercise and get in shape.23.

Get to know your body and make adjustments to it.24.

Keep yourself fit and active.25.

Get some sleep.26.

Start exercising for longer.27.

Get your kids to play outside.28.

Go skiing.29.

Walk a dog.30.

Learn a new skill.31.

Go swimming.32.

Get out of bed and do your daily routine.33.

Take in a movie or a podcast.34.

Put on a movie.35.

Get in a yoga class.36.

Go grocery shopping.37.

Take one more deep breath.38.

Play some music.39.

Read a book.40.

Go camping.41.

Take some time for yourself.42.

Go out for a nice walk.43.

Go ski in the mountains.44.

Go biking.45.

Go fly fishing.46.

Go kayaking.47.

Go fishing.48.

Do a new sport.49.

Go yoga.50.

Go dancing.51.

Go hiking.52.

Go mountain biking.53.

Go run.54.

Do some stretching.55.

Get dressed for the day.56.

Go do something with your kids.57.

Make some dinner.58.

Go get out of the house.59.

Go ice skating.60.

Go a run.61.

Go swim.62.

Go take a walk.63.

Go make dinner.64.

Go go shopping.65.

Go bike riding.66.

Go hike in the woods.67.

Go exercise.68.

Go work out.69.

Do something with friends.70.

Take out some clothes.71.

Take time to relax.72.

Get back to your normal routine.73.

Do the dishes.74.

Get ready for work.75.

Go outside.76.

Go have a nice relaxing time.77.

Go sit on the porch.78.

Take your kids for a spin.79.

Go see a movie with them.80.

Go walk your dog.81.

Go play a game.82.

Get outside.83.

Go snowboard.84.

Go jump on the pool deck.85.

Go drive your car.86.

Go surf.87.

Go fish.88.

Go ride a horse.89.

Go canoe.90.

Go horseback riding.91.

Go rollerblade.92.

Go skateboard.93.

Go slide.94.

Go snorkel.95.

Go cross-country skiing.96.

Go paddleboard.97.

Go boat racing.98.

Go golfing.99.

Go backpacking.100.

Go dance.101.

Go visit friends or family.102.

Go travel.103.

Go vacation.104.

Go spend time with friends or loved ones.105.

Go join a new club.106.

Go party.107.

Go try new food.108.

Go hang out with friends again.109.

Go cook.110.

Go wear new clothes.111.

Go explore your local area.112.

Go meet new people.113.

Go hunt.114.

Go listen to music.115.

Go pick up new tools.116.

Go learn a new dance.117.

Go start a new project.118.

Go build something.119.

Go paint your nails.120.

Go shop.121.

Go buy a new shirt.122.

Go put on a show.123.

Go hit the road.124.

Go watch some TV.125.

Go sing.126.

Go read a book or listen to a podcast for the first time.127.

Go race.128.

Go train for a race.129.

Go shoot a movie in a new location.130.

Go tour the country.131.

Go write a new song.132.

Go eat dinner.133.

Go sleep in.134.

Go be active.135.

Go find a job.136.

Go open a new business.137