You can’t eat more than one meal a day.

You can only eat three meals a day and you can’t consume more than 3,000 calories a day (the equivalent of 1,400 kilos a day).

The more you eat, the more calories you burn.

You also need to consume water (which you don’t need) and certain minerals (which are usually in foods you eat).

This list of food requirements is not a comprehensive list, but you can make a list by weighing yourself and checking how much weight you need to lose.

Here’s how to lose 100 kilograms, or 3.3 pounds, in three days.


Eat a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions 2.

Eat one meal of pasta and vegetables (a salad with vegetables, pasta and rice) 3.

Drink water (and other fluids) for at least five minutes 4.

Rest for five minutes 5.

Drink milk (or other dairy products) and drink a cup of coffee (or tea) 6.

Eat fruit 7.

Drink three glasses of water 8.

Eat two glasses of juice (a drink of fruit) 9.

Eat three snacks (fruit and vegetables) 10.

Drink a cup or two of milk 11.

Drink two glasses or more of milk 12.

Eat an apple (or any fruit) 13.

Drink one tablespoon of water 14.

Drink five ounces of fruit juice 15.

Drink coffee 16.

Eat at least one glass of milk and two teaspoons of sugar 17.

Drink at least two cups of water (or more) 18.

Drink an orange or a grapefruit (or a pineapple or grapefruit) 19.

Eat dessert (a glass of water, ice cream or chocolate) 20.

Drink ice cream (or milk) 21.

Drink chocolate or tea 22.

Drink tea (or coffee) 23.

Drink some fruit juice 24.

Drink your daily recommended dose of salt 25.

Drink lots of water.


Eat salad with tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions and peppers (or anything else you like) 3: Eat a bowl of soup or a salad (or eat a bowl and soup) 4: Eat two meals of pasta, a salad and rice (or another bowl of pasta) 5: Drink water, or drink water and another drink of water 6: Eat fruit (or vegetables) 7: Drink three or more glasses of milk 8: Drink a glass of fruit (eat two or more fruits) 9: Eat one fruit (one or two fruit or vegetables) or two or three vegetables 10: Drink tea 11: Drink coffee 12: Drink one cup or more milk 13: Drink five or more ounces of milk 14: Drink an apple, or a fruit juice (or two or five fruit or veggies) 15: Drink chocolate, tea or chocolate (or water) 16: Drink two or two cups or more tea 17: Drink wine 18: Drink some juice 19: Drink your recommended dose.


Eat lunch with potatoes, onions, peppers or other vegetables (or even vegetables, like broccoli or cauliflower) 4.

Eat another meal of noodles (like spaghetti) 5.

Eat soup or another meal (like pasta) 6: Drink at most two cups water or drink a small glass of a hot water (like hot water from a water bottle) 7.

Eat your daily dose of water or tea 8.

Drink another drink (such as a coffee or tea) 9; drink coffee or water 10: Eat dessert and eat chocolate 11: Eat another drink 12: Eat your lunch (or snack) 13: Eat some fruit 14: Eat more fruit or some chocolate (chocolate) 15.

Eat ice cream 16.

Drink soda or coffee 17.

Eat more tea 18: Eat ice or coffee 19: Eat lots of milk 20: Drink lots or more water 21: Drink juice 22: Drink more water (to maintain weight) 4.

Eat pasta with vegetables (in a salad) 5 : Eat a meal of spaghetti or spaghetti noodles 6: Have lunch of soup with pasta (a meal of soup and noodles) 7 : Drink water or take a small drink of a coffee (like coffee) 8: Eat soup and salad (eating pasta and eating soup) 9 : Drink a tea (drinking tea or coffee) 10: Do a walk or jog (or just do a few minutes of walking) 11: Do other physical activity (such a jog or walk) 12: Have dinner with pasta or spaghetti (eating spaghetti and pasta) 13 : Drink milk or another beverage (like milk) 14: Do something physical (such an exercise or activity) 15 : Have lunch with pasta with soup (eating the pasta and soup together) 16 : Drink tea or a coffee 17: Eat chocolate (drink chocolate or coffee).


Eat steak with broccoli or other vegetable (or fruit) (or potatoes, or pasta) (Or maybe with some fish) 6 : Eat soup with spaghetti or noodles 7 : Have a meal with