Goli, Alberta, Canada — Man, who is overweight and suffers from chronic conditions, has lost weight.

He is now in good health and has more energy and motivation to go on a physical activity program.

He has lost the 5 kg (11.6 lb) he had gained over the last two years.

Goli resident and fitness coach Bobbie Jones said Goli was the first community in Alberta to start implementing the fitness program.

“We wanted to have something for our community that would help the community and get them motivated to exercise, but it also helped him lose weight,” Jones said.

Jones said he was impressed with Goli’s dedication to fitness.

“He was the one that really helped us build up his fitness level and that’s a testament to his commitment to getting his fitness up.”

Goli has been active since he was five years old.

He started using a treadmill at age five, and began running when he was eight.

He also started using walking to get around, but his strength was still limited.

In 2009, he started working out every morning and he is still going strong today.

Jones says the program has been very successful for Goli.

“I really think he’s one of the reasons why people are coming to us and saying, ‘I’m going to get fit.'”