LOS ANGELES — Reddit user goli lost a whopping 8 pounds in one night.

In fact, he had to eat more than 100 pounds of chicken and broccoli in one day.

Goli, a Reddit user from South Korea, shared his story on his AMA page, saying that he went on a diet in April.

He said he went through about 20 different types of meals and went through 40 meals in one week.

He said he started with a typical Korean meal of rice, beans, rice noodles, soy sauce, and corn.

But when he tried to get a full meal, he ended up eating as much as 30 percent less than he had before.

“I started to feel better and was getting closer to my goal of losing weight, but then I noticed I was losing weight in the last half of my weight loss, which I did not know at the time,” he said.

Goli said he tried different foods and found that a lot of people were getting a lot out of a simple meal, so he decided to share it with the community.

“The more I ate, the more I noticed people liked it and started eating more, and it made me feel better.

I felt like it was good for my body and I felt really good about myself and my diet,” he added.

According to Goli, the Reddit community helped him lose weight and get rid of his stress.

The AMA is a way to reach a lot more people, he said, and that is the main reason why he started Reddit AMA.

It was a huge success for him, and Reddit users are giving him a lot to look forward to, he added, as he has become more confident in his health and diet.

As far as the future, he told The Huffington Post that he plans to stay active.

But he is not satisfied with his health.

We’re still working out our diet, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s best for my health, he admitted.

While Reddit AMA is not a healthy way to lose weight or keep it off, it is a great way to show your appreciation and support for someone who is working on losing weight.