ROME (AP) The most famous fans in Serie A are not necessarily the most popular ones.

A survey conducted by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera found that almost half of Roma fans are not even fans of their team, let alone the club itself.

A total of 1,746 respondents were interviewed in Rome over a two-week period.

The average age of the survey respondents was 33, and of those, 56% were aged between 15 and 24.

The top five players were Giovinco, Giorgio Chiellini, Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Pirlo.

A fifth of the respondents (30%) said they never bought a ticket at all and 20% said they did not buy a ticket in the first place.

Only three Roma fans polled said they would attend any game at home.

The others said they could not or would not attend.

The club was relegated in May, but it still has the league title to look forward to in April, and the Europa League in June.