LOS ANGELES — The dna loss program of a 27-year-old man with no family history of weight loss has led to a dramatic weight loss in less than three months.

Dna, a lifestyle insurance company, said the man lost almost 20 kilograms and has lost almost 80 pounds.

The loss has taken place over the past four months and has been achieved by reducing his daily caloric intake from the average of 7,000 calories to under 1,000.

He had a diet of mostly low-fat and protein.

When his diet was completed, he was overweight and was able to reduce his daily calorie intake to under 100.

It’s a remarkable achievement for a person who has been working with diet and exercise for over two decades.

His life has been turned upside down and he has a life without the fear of becoming obese.

“My life has changed dramatically in the last three months,” Mr Tarkas said.

Mr Tarka’s weight loss started when he lost his job as a maintenance worker and started losing weight.

After three months of losing weight Mr Tarsas said he had become an avid runner.

But when his doctor recommended he take up running, he said he was surprised to learn he could not run for two years.

Since then, Mr Tarnas has been taking part in running programs that teach him how to do so.

As a result, he has gained over 80 kilograms, he says.

In November last year, Mr Tsaras was on a diet and he had lost 20 kilograms in the space of three months, and in March this year he had gained a further 20 kilograms.

Last month, he had his first weight loss at the age of 25.

A year ago, he lost 40 kilograms and his waist measurement was now 33.5cm, and his body fat percentage was 20.6%.

DNS has been helping him reduce his food intake, and he said the program has helped him lose weight and stay slim.

There are a lot of people who have a lot to lose, and this is one way that I can do it, he added.

With all these things that you are doing, you can lose weight.