“When you think about the size of your weight loss, it’s a big deal,” says Sarah Jones, who lost over 80 pounds in just a year on Reddit, one of the world’s most popular online communities.

“If you’re really struggling with weight, Reddit is where you can get the most out of your life.”

The site, with its millions of subscribers, allows users to post and comment on photos, videos and other content to help people lose weight.

While it’s easy to start on a low-calorie diet, the goal is to lose a certain amount of weight in order to achieve the “perfect” body.

Reddit users can share photos of themselves with a “fat friend” and see how they’re doing.

After one year, the user is rewarded with a free subscription to the “Fat Friend of the Month Club,” which includes monthly gifts such as a pair of yoga pants and a set of yoga shoes.

The site also offers a “weight-loss plan” that gives users access to personal trainers, nutritionists and other experts, and has a section for “Weight Loss Tips.”

Jones has used the site to lose weight since 2013, when she was a teenager.

She says she lost more than 90 pounds and is now at her “soul-searching” point.

She now uses the site as her primary means of self-improvement, but also to support others who are losing weight.

Jones’ success on Reddit came about after she shared her struggles with weight on the site, and she began to hear from other people who also were struggling.

After a year, she had gained enough weight to be considered a “loser.”

“My body had been a lot of trouble with my eating,” Jones says.

“I’d been eating too much, I’d been drinking too much.

I was trying to get a little bit of exercise.”

Jones decided to start looking for a way to “go beyond the food.”

She started researching the effects of dieting on people’s health and found that dieting can have an “impact on your life in a way that is really not possible in the short term.”

She set up a weight-loss diet, and now posts regular updates on her Reddit account.

In March, she was able to lose the weight she had been missing for years.

Jones now runs a personal training business called The Fat Friend of The Month Club and regularly posts videos on YouTube on how to lose and maintain weight.

She’s also published two books, one about dieting and the other about personal development.

“It was really a journey,” Jones said.

“You don’t really know where it is going to take you.

But you get there.”