The first few weeks of this year have been a huge one for the internet, with hundreds of thousands of people joining the hashtag #grammarless to talk about how much better their sentences are.

But when people start getting serious about losing weight, the phrase “lose a couple of pounds” starts to seem like a more reasonable title.

So it’s fitting that Instagram has released a new emoji for people who want to lose weight on Instagram.

The new emoji is a mix of three of the most popular words in Instagram, all of which are related to losing weight: lose, lose, and lose weight.

The new emoji, which has been created by Instagram’s Emoji team, is available for use on the platform’s main app, Instagram Stories, in addition to the more traditional photo gallery, and is only available for people on Instagram’s “Add a Picture” app.

The most popular emoji of all time, by far, is “losing weight,” with more than 13 million followers and counting.

The word “loser” isn’t among the top five, but it’s still the most common one, according to the app’s analytics.