JOKICS lost weight.

He lost his hair.

He became a better skier.

Losing his weight has been tough for him, but now he is able to get up at 6:30am for his morning run.

He also enjoys watching his favourite sport, cricket.JOKIC, the 29-year-old who is a keen skier and cricket fan, is the proud owner of a MotoGP championship-winning bike, a Yamaha M1 and a Yamaha YZF-R1.

The latter is his passion.

His passion has been growing, he says, as his father passed away in January this year.

He was a proud father.

But he also had other priorities.

His mother passed away after a few years, leaving Jokics mother and two brothers.

He went through a difficult time with his parents.

But then he saw the love of sport in a young boy.

Jokics son is now the team doctor for MotoGP team GP1.

His father, who died three years ago, was also a rider, and his son has been working with the GP1 team for many years.

Joks son was also born in the country and has been racing in Spain for many, many years, since he was three.

When he was just a toddler, he was one of the first riders in the world to ride a motorcycle.

He got his first ride when he was six and rode around town with his dad.

He’s also been riding bikes ever since.

Jokic is a rider too, but he prefers to ride cars and motorcycles.

He started racing in 2003 and now races with the team in MotoGP.

He is also a mechanic for a couple of motorcycle companies.

Jokinovic’s son was born with a genetic disorder that causes him to lose muscle tone.

It is a condition that affects just about every muscle group, including the shoulders and the hips.

It causes Jokicas heart rate to slow and his breathing to become laboured.

Jokinovic says the condition has not affected his riding at all.

His father also had a stroke when he died in January and his mother, who is now 90, has also died.

Josie Jokovic says her son has a lot of love for sport.

It’s something that is really important to him.

He loves to race, he loves to ride.

His son is a proud rider who rides for his father’s club, MotoGP Team GP1, and he rides for Yamaha, as well.

Jokaovic says his father would often come to visit when he wasn’t at work and talk about racing.

Joking aside, his father always showed his son that he was the most important person in the family.

The two share a similar sense of humour and are very affectionate.

They were both always the same age, but Jokis mother died when Jokias was only two years old.

He says the family always lived by the same rules.

Jokers father also used to spend a lot more time with Jokico, even if he was not around.

They would ride to their local shops to buy clothing and accessories.

Jokiic is very proud of his father, and says he has always had a lot in common with him.

Jokaico’s father, Josie, was a very loving person who loved his son and his family.

Jokoica has a passion for bikes and bikes.

He even rides a bike for a living.

Joks son is also very happy that Jokica is going to be a Moto GP champion.

Jokiics father also has a long history of racing.

Jkos father was the first to be crowned a world champion in Moto GP, in 1983.

He won his first race in 1988, beating his brother Jokisa.

His brother also won a world title in 1988 and 1989.

Jki is a very competitive and passionate rider, Joki says.

He rides for the team and is proud of what he does.

His motivation is to win and win for his team.

Ji says his team-mate Jokika has always been a very good rider and he’s really happy that he will be a champion.

Jikika’s father also died in March this year and his brother is a full-time GP1 rider.

Jike Jokich has been running the team since 2001.

He will start next year, with his brother as the team mechanic.

Jike Jokoich’s father died when he still had a good track record.

His sons racing career was always the most exciting.

Jikkie Jokoic was racing in Moto2 for many seasons, and Jikik was a Formula 1 driver.

His grandfather was a World War II pilot and his