Tequila has said it is losing weight overnight, as it struggles with a massive spike in demand for the drink.

The company’s stock has slumped in recent days after it posted a profit of just 1.3 million pesos ($15.5 million) for the quarter ended March 31, its first loss in three years.

The Mexican state of Guerrero, which produces some 80 percent of the drink, has been a major consumer of Tequila for decades.

Tequila is the drink of choice for celebrities, including former president Vicente Fox, but it has been blamed for obesity, and many people in Mexico consider it a dangerous drug.

On Monday, Tequila blamed the spike in consumption on a “catastrophic shift in consumer behavior”.

Tequila said the spike was caused by a sudden surge in demand caused by the rise in consumption of soft drinks and alcohol.

The beverage company said it was also in talks with the Mexican government to boost its sales, which are already booming.

The government has promised to crack down on the booming demand for soft drinks.