The president of the United States lost about a pound in the past month, but that doesn’t mean he’s losing weight.

The president is now losing weight and the president’s weight loss seems to be a good thing.

The president lost about 7 pounds during his first month in office.

In a video, Trump said he has “lost almost 30 pounds” in the first month of his presidency, according to the Associated Press.

Trump said he lost 30 pounds in January, and he’s lost another 30 pounds during the first week of February.

In April, the president lost 13 pounds.

The AP reported that Trump was eating a lot more vegetables, fruits and meat in the summer of 2017.

He said he’s not going to “get skinny anymore.”

He is also eating a little less candy, cookies and other sugary treats.

Trump’s diet plan includes eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, according the AP.

Trump has said he would like to be able to eat healthy for a year, but it is still unclear if he can meet that goal.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.