Donald Trump started losing weight, but it didn’t last long.

He lost weight in his mid-70s.

His doctor suggested he take a year off from work and take a break from socializing, and Trump eventually decided to go to a weight-loss clinic.

He lost about 10 pounds during the process.

The weight-gain phase didn’t work out for him, however.

The Daily Mail reports that Trump’s doctor suggested that Trump lose weight to regain his health, which is not something you should do.

Trump told the newspaper he wanted to look like a “fat, ugly old man.”

He also told the paper he’d had a “huge belly” for years.

It appears the diet he started was far from a success.

He says he started the diet at the age of 25 and lost another 20 pounds during his first year back.

Now he says he’s down to about a kilogram, which sounds like a lot.

However, Trump still wants people to remember him as a successful person who had an amazing body.