A former player of the Spanish team Real Madrid has claimed that a recent game at the Santiago Bernabeu played against Real Sociedad could be the cause of the team’s massive weight loss.

The Real Madrid squad had a lot of weight on them in the match against Espanyol in September last year and it was then that the team lost an astonishing seven kilos (17 pounds) in just two matches.

According to Spanish football magazine Granada, the player, who was on the team at the time, claims that the result was due to the team having been out on the pitch for a long time.

The player, named as Diego Lopez, is a former Madrid defender and was with the Spanish side during their run to the UEFA Super Cup in 2016.

The team’s former goalkeeper Diego Maradona also had to play with his wife and two children in Madrid during the same period.

While the club’s sporting director, Ramon Sanchez, has been quoted as saying that he believes the loss of weight is due to a lack of rest, Lopez insists the team has done a good job of keeping the weight on.

“We lost about seven kilo’s on the bench during the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, so we could have been more rested,” Lopez told Granada.

“I’m sure it was the fact that we played for so long that made the difference.”

Lopez, who retired from football last year, has previously spoken about his experience of being a member of the Madrid squad in the last two decades.

“I always had an image of Real Madrid as a big club,” he told the paper.

“We had a big amount of weight but we were also very efficient in terms of our training.

I remember in my youth days I played for the Madrid team at a young age.”

When we reached the semi-finals, the weight fell off and we won the competition.

“Lima, the capital of Chile, has also had a long-standing reputation as one of the top footballing cities in the world.

The capital is famous for its famous football stadium and has also hosted the Copa Libertadores and La Liga.