The weight you lose is the weight you don’t lose.

You gain weight if you don.

That’s because the body responds to calorie burn by producing more calories and less fat.

But losing weight is a different matter.

It’s the amount of weight you keep that matters.

For example, losing 10 kilograms of fat (7.4 pounds) does not make you lighter than if you’ve lost 10 kilograms (9.1 pounds).

You can lose fat without losing weight, but losing weight alone is not enough to get rid of it.

In fact, a loss of 10 kilograms in weight can actually cause a rise in your waistline, a condition called waistline expansion.

If you’re not losing weight because of calorie burn, you’re actually gaining weight.

This is why losing weight isn’t the same as losing fat.

To lose weight you need both calorie burn and fat loss.

That means you need a plan.

Here’s how to lose weight with the help of a healthy eating plan and a healthy lifestyle.