— I was just in the bathroom, and I thought, “Oh my god, I’m so tired.”

It was hard to sleep, but I had to go get my makeup done and get my hair done.

I just wanted to lose a couple of pounds.

I started going on a Paleo diet and eating Paleo.

I have been able to lose around three to four pounds.

But it’s definitely not just diet.

I also think I’ve gotten more sleep, more of a good morning.

I’ve been able go out, hang out with my friends.

I think the biggest thing is that I just think I’m better.

I feel like I’m a lot healthier, I feel better overall.

I’m not feeling sick.

It’s a lot easier to eat healthy now.

I don’t have to worry about going to the gym or doing cardio.

It just makes sense.

What is the secret to losing weight?

I think it’s really about keeping the calories in.

I always tell people, “You just eat less.”

I think that’s what’s important.

If you’re going to diet, you just have to eat less.

That’s all I’m going to tell people.

If your diet is really strict, you’ll get really fussy about calories and not eat enough.

It takes a lot of willpower and a lot more commitment to do it.

You’re going have to have more patience.

You need to be patient and you need to know what you want.

I do try to get more out of it.

I’ll go to a local diner.

I might go to get a hamburger or a cheeseburger and eat that for an hour or so.

I can’t do that anymore.

But you’re just eating so much junk food and sugar.

It feels so much better than anything else.

So many people don’t get enough exercise.

When you have time, you can play with your kids.

But there are times when I don, too.

I still try to eat right.

I like to eat fresh, but it’s not really like going to a restaurant.

I want to be a lot calmer, but not so much that I get anxious.

You’ll get so stressed out and it’s just a constant feeling of anxiety.

So what you need is to really try to not overdo it.

Try to not eat so much, but at the same time, not overwork yourself.

You can go to the doctor and say, “I have to lose some weight.”

But you can’t just go in and say it’s going to happen.

It will probably be a little bit longer than you want it to be.

If I were to do that, I would have to be really smart about what I eat.

I mean, I can eat a lot and be super active.

But I also want to have enough exercise to do a good workout.

If it’s too much exercise, then it’s hard to lose.

You have to try to stay on top of your diet, but if you can get a good night’s sleep, you’re much better off.

I really try and make it as easy as possible.

I usually go for a meal before going to bed.

I eat in the morning, I don’s, or maybe a little snack.

But if I’m at home, I’ll eat dinner.

I love the taste of pizza.

It makes me feel super good and full, and it makes me look better.

And I try to make sure I’m taking the right kind of vitamins.

I will take B12.

I take vitamin D. I try and eat a little extra fiber.

I go to gym.

I know that I can go for it.

But then again, I try not to overdo myself.

I would like to have the ability to lose at least two to three pounds a week.

Thats not easy.

And that’s just part of living Paleo.

It really is an easy way to lose about 20 to 25 pounds.

You get a lot out of this diet, especially if you start doing it slowly.

I could do it, but that’s really tough to do.

I got so much energy.

I’d love to have a better workout schedule, but then again it’s tough to keep it up.

You want to get some rest.

You don’t want to go on a diet.

So you have to make your choices, but you’re getting a lot done.

So it’s fun, but also challenging, but just keep moving.

You start to realize, “This is what I want.”

It’s like a marathon.

It is really, really hard to keep going for so long.