Lizzowicki has been on a diet and exercise regimen since May of last year, and her weight loss has slowed significantly since then.

She has lost almost 20 pounds.

Dna says that Lizzowski has also been in a lot of stress.

She’s seen her doctor twice a week and she is seeing her weight-loss specialist twice a month, she said.

Dna said Lizzows work has also improved her appetite and overall health.

“We are trying to figure out what’s going on with her diet,” Dna told Recode.

“And I’ve also been getting her on some of the supplements.”

Dna said she thinks Lizzols diet and regimen has also helped her mental health.DNA said she has been taking Dnna’s supplement, Zinc Oxide, and has found it to be helping Lizzos mood.

“It has been amazing.

I am not as stressed out at all,” she said, adding that she is “doing better than I was before.””

And when I am feeling stressed, I can actually control myself.”

Read moreDna also shared her advice for people who are struggling with weight loss.

“You have to stay on a good diet and not go too far,” she wrote.

“Dnna is not a perfect dieter, but she has worked really hard and I am very grateful for that.”