Jens Voigt wins stage 6 of the Tour de France on a day where he suffered the loss of five kilograms.

The Dane lost five kilograms to Peter Sagan in the opening stage, then dropped his total weight down to around 50 kilograms.

It was a day that made a lot of sense for the team, as Voigts first win of the season came on a bike with a reduced weight.

The German will now have to try to take some weight off his frame to make up for lost ground, as he’ll have to be ready to ride the uphill finale on Stage 7 on Sunday (13:00 CET). 

After a solid start on Stage 6, Peter Sagan was one of the biggest favourites in the race.

His first win at the Tour came on stage 3 when he rode the front of the race, then again on stage 7, winning stage 6 on a stage that saw him lose 10 kilograms.

Peter Sagan’s victory in Stage 6 (Courtesy of MTN-Qhubeka)Peter Sagan will need to recover from the loss to win the Tour, as this is his first win in the green jersey. 

In the first two days of the Grand Tour, Sagan had the chance to go up and take a bigger chunk of victory, but it was only on stage 9 that he lost a chunk of his weight, while on stage 10 he dropped some weight, as the Dutchman dropped down from 34 to 31.

The race is now set to kick off on Sunday, 13:00 CEST, so the best place to watch Peter Sagan is in the Tour.

Peter is a rider who is known for his endurance and in the grand tour, that’s always a key element of the win. 

He’s not going to go out and have a crash at the end of a stage and the Tour will always be his last chance to put a big effort on the line. 

The team has a lot riding on their shoulders, as they’ll be looking to defend the green jerseys, as well as a spot in the overall classification. 

It’s still possible for Peter Sagan to win in stage 7. 

Peter Sagan wins stage 7 (Photographer: Lars Hulshof/TT News)Peter will be riding in the final three days of Stage 8.

Stage 8 is usually the hardest stage of the Vuelta a España, as it’s uphill with a long climb and some long-tail climbs.

Peter Sagan has the biggest chance of winning this stage, as there are two long tail climbs and a small finish in the last kilometres.

Peter will need a lot to work on, as stage 8 will be a big test for the peloton, with some of the toughest climbs on the Tour so far. 

Sagan has the best chance of getting a top result, as Stage 8 will probably be his biggest chance to try and get a win.

The Tour de Yorkshire is now a week away. 

Tour de Yorkshire 2018: the latest news and updates (Photo by: BBC) The final stage of Tour de England is still a week in the future.

It’s time to put all the pieces together, including the first race of the new Tour de Britain, the Tour of Oman.

The first race will take place on Friday (18:00 BST) on the coast of the United Kingdom.

The stage is already set to start on the same day as the Tour and it will be the first stage of Stage 9. 

Stage 9 (Photo: MTN)The Tour of Britain is an event that has been a major event in the past. 

For many years, it has been the biggest race in the world, with the first major stage being in 1882. 

On stage 1, the British won the race in 1775, and on stage 2, the French won the title in 1876. 

Then the British went on to win two more stages in 1881 and 1882, and in 1889, the race was won by the Germans.

The 2018 Tour de Suisse is set to be the last major race of its kind in Europe. 

Venue: Eindhoven (Dutch)