“Losing weight is something you’ve got to be willing to do, you’ve just got to get your priorities in place and make the best of it,” she said. 

But she said it is not the only thing you can do to lose weight.

“It’s not like you’re going to lose your appetite, it’s not the same thing as being hungry and then being hungry again,” she explained.

“There are a lot of things that are going to be really difficult to get rid of that we just need to take care of now.” 

As an example, she said, the loss of appetite would lead to a loss of energy levels.

“And if you can’t find the energy levels to do the things you need to do to eat well, you’re just going to burn yourself out, so you can stop eating,” she added.

“I think it’s really important to take the time to look at yourself, look at what you’ve been eating and where you’ve made mistakes and start making adjustments to get back to where you were.”

Dr Dominguez said while the idea of eating healthy may sound appealing, she warned people to be mindful about what they are eating.

“If you’ve lost your appetite you can lose weight very easily,” she cautioned.

“But I think people should take some time and think about how much they’re eating and the things they’re doing to control their weight.”