ZION LOSE WEIGHT IN JERUSALEM: The Israelis have a simple plan to combat their weight loss problem: eat healthier.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal doctor Dr. Yaakov Ben-Yehuda said that the prime minister is “very healthy” and that he eats well and is able to eat at home and on the go.

Ben-Amin said that his doctor believes that the Israeli government is implementing the weight loss plan and that the “Israeli diet is not one that is exclusive to Israel.”

Israel has a very low obesity rate and Ben-Binyamin told Haaretz that the country’s obesity rate has fallen by 50% in the last few years.

Ben Yehuda also said that Netanyahu has been eating well and that his body has become “fattening” due to a decrease in energy expenditure.

“He eats less, but it is still there, it is not a bad thing,” he said.

The government has been implementing a number of diet plans including a one-day meal plan and a calorie reduction program.

Ben Yehuda also noted that the government is looking into the idea of encouraging Israelis to eat more vegetables and fruits.

Ben Zvi Ben-Eliyahu, the director of the Israeli Obesity Council, told Ha’aretz that Netanyahu’s weight loss strategy has the support of the health ministry and that “there is a very good chance that he will have the weight off in the next few months.”

Ben-Gurion’s Weight Loss Strategy: Ben-Zvi Ben Eliyhu, a senior advisor to the director-general of the Israel Health Ministry, told The Associated Press that Ben-Levi’s weight reduction plan is based on “the same principles that were used to help Ben-Maharad survive his death.”

Ben Elishu, the minister in charge of the Ministry of Health, said that he expects to implement a similar weight reduction program for the president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, and that Rivlin’s weight will fall “as soon as possible.”

Rivlin will be under pressure to take drastic measures to fight obesity.

In November of last year, Rivlin said he would limit the amount of exercise he did and that, when he did go for a jog, he would only do it at night.

He also said he wanted to cut the amount he drank, since it was “very unhealthy.”

In a January interview with The Associated News, Rivlins adviser said he expects his president to be “slightly thinner” as a result of the weight reduction, and said that they will also work on implementing a diet plan for the Israeli army.

According the AP, Ben Elamu, a former member of the national security council, also believes that Rivlins weight reduction will be “moderate,” and that they have not decided yet what the diet plan will be.

The Associated New York Times reported that Ben Eilat’s weight has dropped by 25% in recent years.

But, he said that it is a “small drop” compared to what the government and other Israeli officials are seeing.

“The idea is to get him to go through a process of being as slim as possible, and then gradually getting him back to a weight he could have had before,” Ben Eltaime, an assistant professor of public health at Bar Ilan University, told the AP.

“This is what he needs to do to recover.”

The AP reports that Israeli officials said last year that the diet program was going to be implemented over the next two years.

“It’s not a radical approach,” Ben-Abbas told The AP.

According a report by The Associated Mail, Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Neeman said that “Israel will start to have a real weight loss program and will start gradually reducing his calorie intake.”

“We’re not just going to stop eating and be happy that we’re going to lose a few pounds.

We want to lose as much as possible and then move forward to a goal of being able to get back to normal weight,” he added.

“There’s no such thing as a diet or a calorie deficit, it’s just a balance between the two.”

Israel is not the only country that has implemented a diet program for its president.

The United States also has a diet policy.

President Donald Trump and his family have taken a few small steps to slim down, but according to the AP reports, they will still have to go beyond that to get to their goal.

The AP reported that Dr. John DeStefano, director of nutrition at Mount Sinai Hospital, said he was not aware of any country that had a dieting program for a president.

He said that while the government had a plan for President Trump, “he is certainly not one of those who is a weight loss leader.”

The American Dietetic Association, the nation’s largest dietitian group, has also not released