Lizzo lost 10 pounds in a week while she kept up a diet and social media presence that was meant to help her get fit.

But, after losing 10 pounds and her friends started to question her, she decided to embrace the challenge and started a Facebook group to discuss her weight loss journey.

“I feel like social media is my biggest friend, so I thought I’d share the story of losing 10+ pounds on social media,” she wrote in a post to her Facebook page.

“My friends started seeing my new weight loss challenge and were super supportive, I had to start taking them seriously.”

Lizzos weight loss took off as she gained weight on social networking sites and gained new followers to follow along.

She started to post about her weightloss goals on her blog and began receiving positive comments and encouragement from people who wanted to help.

Lizzi said she had more people following her weight losses on her Facebook pages than any other person on the planet, even after her friends began questioning her weight and she lost 10lbs.

“People have been like, ‘I’ve got a friend who’s a weight loss guru, what are you doing?

I think she’s fat.'”

Lizz said she also started posting photos of her healthy weight.

“You can get in the gym and see yourself in a mirror, and you can see yourself being healthy and happy, and it’s amazing how you can get that from your friends.”

Liz, who has been weight loss for over a decade, said that after losing weight, people started to ask her what she ate.

“There was a lot of people who were like, are you on a ketogenic diet?

I was like, no, I’m still on a normal diet,” she said.

“And they started saying things like, oh you’re on a paleo diet.

I’m like, I don’t really eat paleo, I have a paleolithic diet and I eat meat and fish and all that.

And I started seeing some people who really loved it and were going to try it, and they’re like, you’re doing great!

You’re doing such a good job, why aren’t you losing weight?”

Lizzs Facebook page gained over 6,000 likes and comments in the first week of February, and her weight was dropping every day.

“Lizz’s weight is dropping every single day,” she added.

“But it’s also going up.

It’s so cool to see how much more people are supporting me and how much I can make it happen.”

When Lizz was asked if she thought she was too heavy to lose weight in her daily life, she said she does, and she thinks she’s just going to keep working at it.

“As long as I keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll keep losing weight and that’s just the way it is,” she told the New York Times.

“It’s just about staying consistent.”

LIZ’S LIFE ON FACEBOOK “I’m just going out there every day, doing whatever it is that I want to do, and I think I’m going to lose 10 more pounds, that’s how many pounds I’ve lost,” she continued.

“That’s what I wanted.

That’s what my dream is.

I wanted to be a bodybuilder.

I just want to get in shape and I’m not even going to start, I’ve got this other thing that I wanna do.

I don.

I want a bodybuilding gym, a fitness gym, but I don’ want to be skinny.”

Lizzy Lizz, who lost 10 lbs.

in a month, said she started her weight-loss journey on Facebook, and now has nearly 200,000 followers.

She has also received positive comments on her page and the support of people like fellow weightlifter and former professional wrestler Joe Rogan.

“Joe Rogan said to me that I’m a hero,” Lizz told the newspaper.

“So thank you Joe Rogant.

That was the best thing ever.”