LOS ANGELES — Peloton is losing weight.

Its chief nutritionist and founder, Jeremy Horowitz, said in an interview with NBC News on Monday that the company’s latest test, in which it weighed 100 riders a day, was “not the optimal weight for our sport.”

Horowitz says he’s losing 5 pounds a day.

Pelotons weight loss is a big step for the company.

“I’m not really sure why the media has chosen to focus on the positive aspects of Peloton,” Horowitz said.

“It is definitely a positive step forward.”

In the past, the company has touted its weight-loss benefits.

But Horowitz and other top nutritionists say that weight loss isn’t the only thing Peloton is doing to get healthier.

We are also working with our athletes and the trainers to help them lose more weight and maintain that level of fitness for a longer period of time.

Horowitz said the company is also adding additional weight- loss exercises to its training programs.

“What I really like about the work that we do, and what we’ve been doing since the beginning, is we are focusing on a whole different range of health and wellness strategies,” Horowitz told NBC News.PELOTON CHANGES WAYS TO BE SAFEThe company’s biggest change to its weight program, which started last month, is that Peloton now requires athletes to wear a monitor to monitor their weight during the day and a food and beverage tracker to track their food intake during the week.

The new program is designed to give athletes a more accurate picture of how much they’re eating.

The new system will also help athletes with chronic health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

The company said in a statement that the tracking devices will be made available to athletes starting in 2019.